(Christ the King).
Sunday, November 26, 2017.

God grants us the power to build his Kingdom here on earth, a kingdom radically different from the kingdoms ruled by those who hold worldly power.
Why is it different?
– Because in the Kingdom of God, there is no imposition, there is no coercion. In it, men are motivated only by what is in the best interest of all. In this kingdom, the righteous and the wicked – the “sheep” and the “goats” (Matthew 25:32) – are free from external laws. It is up to them to care for one another, especially for those who suffer.
– Because in the Kingdom of God, the king himself lives in every person, especially in the little ones, and in those who suffer. In this kingdom, the king not only becomes a subject, but the lowliest of the subjects, and together, all contribute to its building by bringing an end to all forms of harm and indifference.
The negation of the Kingdom of God.
Inflicting harm on people or ignoring their sufferings constitutes a negation of the Kingdom of God. Those who fail to provide for the needs of others (the “goats”) will be responsible for their own condemnation because they are indifferent to the sufferings of others.
Indifference is the gravest offense against the Kingdom of God. Why?
Because the one who causes harm may someday come to see the evil he causes, and may act to correct it. But the one who is indifferent cannot see the evil he causes, and therefore, is incapable of correcting it.

(By Jesús A. Diez Canseco).