(Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time)
Sunday, November 18, 2018

A world in the process of destruction

You shall not destroy your world


Our world is in the process of destruction because we are suffering the tribulations of war, aggression, oppression, injustice, and selfishness. Thus, we can say symbolically that we are living under a darkened sun, darkened moon, disintegrating stars, or shaken heavenly powers. (Mark 13:25-26).



Let us rebuild our world

Rebuild the world, promote peace

In the same way the sun is supposed to give light, not darkness, so are we to promote peace, not war. In the same way the moon is to reflect the light, every man is to share in the wealth of the earth. In the same way the stars are to be permanent in the firmament, so are the achievements of man to be used for the common good of all mankind. In the same way the powers of heaven are the immutable foundation of life, so are we to seek life, not death.

(By Jesús A. Diez Canseco)