(Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time).
Sunday, November 5, 2017.

In order to reveal who he is, God becomes a servant to all. And by being a servant, God attracts all of us to himself. The following are some of the reasons why God is a servant:
– Only someone who serves has the power to draw others to himself.
– What God proclaims, he proves through deeds.
– There is no burden carried by us that God has not carried himself.
– Everything God does is for our well-being.
– God’s highest place of honor is the lowest place among humans.
– God’s love for humankind is expressed through deeds, not through empty words.
– God opens the doors of prosperity to all of us, not to just a privileged group.
– God instructs all of us in the truth by removing the blindfold that prevents us from seeing him clearly.
– God becomes a man because he honors human beings above everything else in creation, because he created us to be the highest dignity in creation. In the eyes of God, nothing else can have preeminence over a human being.
– God will always remain faithful to his commitment to us, regardless of what our failures may be.
– God made himself man so he may give his life to all.
– God offers himself in the purest way, in the fullness of his will, without conditions so we all may freely receive him.
– God walks along us through history, pouring his prosperity and his justice over us, guiding us toward his kingdom.
God is the servant from whom we learn to be like him because he is our teacher, savior and Father (Matthew 23:8-10).

(By Jesús A. Diez Canseco).