(Twenty-eight Sunday in Ordinary Time).
Sunday, October 15, 2017.

In order to live well we must live in a  world where every human being participates in the riches of the world.  It is a life of abundance and joy. It is the joyful realization of all human aspirations: Where tears will be wiped away from all faces; where death will be destroyed  forever (Isaiah 25:8).
Those who reject a communal life cannot accept the universal human order based on unity and equality. This order is not acceptable, convenient, or desirable to them; in fact, it is detrimental to their interests.
Communal life is a threat to those who are not interested in the well-being of humanity. They  ignored the invitation to participate in communal life and, instead choose to continue exploiting their fellow human beings.
The invitation to communal life represented such a serious threat to the oppressors that they decided to kill the messengers. Those who rejected the invitation, “laid hold of [the Lord’s] servants, mistreated them, and kill them” (Matthew 22:6). Those who promote inequality and oppression will do the same to anyone who invites them to establish unity and equality in the world.
A “wedding garment” is required.
All that is required to accept communal life, is a commitment to purse the well-being of all men, to purse the liberation of all, and to identify oneself with all that God stands for. This requirement is described as an appropriate wedding garment. He who came into the banquet not dressed in a wedding garment was “cast into the darkness outside” (Matthew 22:13), the darkness of ongoing inequality and oppression.

(By Jesús A. Diez Canseco).