(The Transfiguration of the Lord)
(Sunday, August 6, 2017).

Your joy, your goodness, your peace, and your love for others will turn you into a radiant person, a person irradiating the light of happiness, the light of God.
God makes himself man so we may see him as he truly is, so we may see in him the radiance proper to his nature, the radiance he wants to rekindle in everyone. The radiant God is an invitation for all human beings to take on God’s radiance.
Through his transfiguration in front of human eyes, God reveals to us that we all can share in the fullness of his life, once we become liberated from the evils of the world. A liberation which Christ “was going to accomplish in Jerusalem” (Luke 9:31) through his cross and resurrection.
The image of the radiant God in his transfiguration is the image of a liberated humanity, the image of individuals and nations living without chains, a world where nations are not colonized by powerful nations, where nations are free from economic, military or media campaigns unleashed by imperial ambitions.
The transfiguration of Jesus Christ is a way for God to tell us that he “will change our lowly body to conform to his glorified body” (Philippians 3:21).
The radiance of God leads us to the radiance of humanity in the fullness of life.

(By Jesús A. Diez Canseco).