There is goodness in your heart

(Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time)
Sunday, October 28, 2018

The goodness of your heart is there for you to give it to others. People are crying out loud for it. They know they need it.




How do you give them the goodness of your heart:
– By listening to those who are asking for it.
– By hurrying to help them.
– By overcoming the obstacles preventing you from getting close to them.
– By not giving up until they receive what you give them.
– By encouraging them to enjoy the goodness they now possess in their hearts.

Give them the goodness of your heart


Remember, God is trying to do the same for you. He wants to give you everything he has in order for you to relate to others in the same way he relates to you.



(By Jesús A. Diez Canseco)