Money from a tree

A long time ago, men lived in a beautiful garden full of trees delightful to look at and good for food. One day, a man found a tree whose fruit was money. The tree said to the man:

– “My fruit is the most delicious fruit of all in the garden.”
– “I want to take it,” the man replied.
– “I must warn you,” said the tree, “once you take my fruit, you will always want more.”
– “I can always come back to you,” the man answered confidently.
– The tree made another warning, “I can give my fruit only once. After that my branches will wither, for you must learn that money does not grow on trees.”
– “I insist,” the man said, “I want your fruit.”

Upon collecting all the money from the tree, the man went away. The words, “money does not grow on trees,” kept resounding in his head. So he decided to buy the entire garden, put other men to work for him, and appropriated for himself the product of their labor.

The man had discovered that the name of the money tree is: ‘Unpaid labor.’

(By Jesús A. Diez Canseco)