Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time).
Sunday, September 24, 2017.

By working, men acquire the goods necessary for the satisfaction of their needs both individually and collectively. Individually, because he who is able to work produces for himself. And collectively, because those who are unable to work, receive what the need from those who are able to work. Thus, by living in cooperation, equality, unity, and justice men demonstrate they are human beings.
Why do men must act in this way? Because all men share the same human dignity, they all have the same human needs. Justice is served only when every person possesses what is required to meet all his needs, at the highest level demanded by his human dignity – no more and no less.
All human beings must possess what they require to fully meet their needs.
This call is issued to all: the owner of the vineyard went out to hire laborers “at dawn . . . at about nine o’clock . . . around noon . . . around three o’clock . . . [and] about five o’clock.” The owner of the vineyard made every effort to ensure that no one is left “standing here idle all day.” To all of them, he made the same call: “you too go into my vineyard and I will give what is just” (Matthew 20:1-7).
Who are the ones who oppose justice?
They are the ones who “grumbled against the landowner”(Matthew 20:11), the ones who are opposed to human equality, the ones who place themselves “above” others, the ones who are enemies of the universal welfare of humanity, the ones who seek division among people, the ones who always want more than what they need, the ones who want to be first. “Thus… the first will be last” (Matthew 20:16).
Human labor is a means to:
1. Earn what is necessary for men to meet their needs.
2. Respect the equality and unity among all.

(By Jesús A. Diez Canseco).