(Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time).
Sunday, February 4, 2018.

The pursuit of your individual well-being is a trait of human nature, and so it is the pursuit of the well-being of the entire human collectivity. The evolution of humanity is possible only when men pursue their well-being both individually and collectively. Moreover, human evolution will be in jeopardy if the ills of humanity are not cured.
God is interested in the welfare of us individually and collectively. “He cured many who were sick with various diseases, and drove out many demons” (Mark 1:34).
Just as individuals get sick, so does society.
There are illnesses that afflict an individual person, and illness that afflict entire collectivities, i.e. the illness afflicting the people “throughout the whole of Galilee” (Mark 1:39).
Just as an individual may suffer gravely (even to the point of death) from an untreated illness, so does human society. The illnesses of human society, such as division and inequality can destroy the very fiber of humanity (even to the point of annihilation).
These societal illnesses subject humanity to “months [years or centuries] of misery” (Job 7:3), make our days “come to an end without hope,” and make us believe that we “shall not see happiness again” (Job 7:6-7).
God cures humanity’s illnesses.
Our suffering humanity needs to gather at God’s door, pursue him, and follow him wherever he goes (Mark 1:33, 36, 37) because he is ready to cure society’s maladies; he “heals the brokenhearted, binds up [humanity’s] wounds . . . sustains the poor but casts the wicked to the ground” (Psalm 147:3, 6). Just as God frees you from all your ailments, so he will do the same with all humanity.

(By Jesús A. Diez Canseco).