(Corpus Christi)
Sunday, June 3, 2018.

God made a great effort in making himself a man because he wants to become one with us. Now, it is our turn to make our greatest effort possible in order for us to become one with God. To help us in this effort, God gives us his Body and his Blood.

Your efforts lead to God

Body and blood are biological elements common to all human beings. Elements, Jesus took when he became man. In doing so, God entered into a communion of life with us. Now, we must respond to God by turning our body and blood – that is, our whole being – into his Body and Blood, so man and God may truly be one.
Just as our biological parents gave us their body and blood, so does God give us his Body and Blood. And, just as we cooperate with our parents by protecting the life we received from them, so must we cooperate with God by allowing him to live and work in us through his Body and Blood.

Invite you to receive my Body and Blood

Along with his Body and Blood, God gives us the entire humanity in order for us to turn everyone into his Body and Blood.
God has given us the world  in order for us to live in it, to live in unity with one another, and to care for human life because it is the life we share with God himself through his Body and Blood.
Once we turn the entire world into the Body and Blood of God, then we can say we have entered in communion with him and with our fellow human beings.

(By Jesús A. Diez Canseco)